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HR and payroll

When hiring us to provide services, our customers gain a guarantee of total confidentiality, a cost reduction and customized services meeting their individual needs and expectations. The offer of Jóźwicki & Partners as regards HR and payroll services is addressed primarily to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Thanks to cooperation with us, your company can focus on development and current operations. Our team of specialists prepares all documents in accordance with applicable laws and within required deadlines.

As part of our comprehensive payroll services, we offer:

  • calculation and payment of remuneration,
  • preparation of remuneration payments in the Customer’s banking system,
  • preparation of payslips of hired employees,
  • settlements of civil law contracts (commission contract, contract for specific work)
  • preparation of annual reports for employees (RMUA),
  • preparation of settlement declarations for the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),
  • preparation of payments on account of tax and social insurance liabilities in the Customer’s bank system,
  • handling of insurance documents and exchange of information with the Social Insurance Institution through the Płatnik program,
  • preparation of annual information about income and personal income tax withholdings,
  • preparation of required payroll reports,
  • taking over the responsibility towards state institutions,
  • communication with the Customer’s auditors and tax authorities,
  • settlements of remuneration refunds for young workers,
  • settlements of remuneration refunds under intervention works,
  • settlements of remuneration received under an internship.

As part of the HR documentation management service, we offer:

  • keeping employees’ personal files and documentation relating to employment relationship,
  • registration in and deregistration from the Social Insurance Institution,
  • holiday leave, sick leave and other absence records,
  • information about required updates of medical check-ups and OHS training,
  • examination of obligations with respect to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons: calculation of contributions, preparation and sending of declarations and information in the e-PFRON system,
  • preparation of declarations for the Central Statistical Office,
  • preparation of employment and remuneration certificates and other employment-related documents,
  • preparation of HR reports,
  • taking over the responsibility towards the Social Insurance Institution, National Labour Inspectorate, State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons and Central Statistical Office,
  • informing employers, on an ongoing basis, about changes in regulations concerning the HR documentation management.
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