Areas of activities

Tax consultancy

Jóźwicki & Partners provides professional tax consultancy services. Thanks to many years’ experience in providing services to various industries, we ensure a successful cooperation. Tax consultancy is a complex, rapidly growing field. Therefore, it is worth investing in professional services so as to choose an optimal legal form for a given activity.

We provide ongoing assistance as regards direct and indirect taxation:

  • preparation of tax returns of all kinds,
  • preparation of applications with respect to VAT refunds for foreign entrepreneurs,
  • preparation of applications with respect to German turnover tax for domestic entrepreneurs,
  • taking over of responsibilities of a tax withholder,
  • providing answers concerning tax issues of all kinds,
  • tax optimization of investments in Poland and abroad,
  • selection of an optimal legal form for planned investments,
  • selection of an optimal funding form for planned investments,
  • optimization of already commenced investments, taking into account taxes and charges,
  • preparation of business plans,
  • preparation, at the Customer’s request, of tax advice and expert opinions, in particular, as regards application and interpretation of international tax law.
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