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Doctor’s surgeries

With respect to such specialized services as medical services, it is worth remembering about accounting solutions dedicated to this industry. Jóźwicki & Partners understands specific needs of doctor’s surgeries.

It is good to know that medical services can be exempt from VAT. However, in this case, attention should be paid to the purchase of goods and services from the European Union, as it may result in an obligation to pay VAT.

For Customers of this industry, Jóźwicki & Partners provides the following specialized services:

  • settlements of operations exempt from VAT,
  • settlements of VAT on purchases from the European Union in the case of a VAT exemption,
  • settlements of a VAT percentage in the case of mixed sales,
  • checking the turnover limit for the cash register
  • applying for VAT refunds on foreign invoices,
  • participation in inspections of the Tax Office,
  • participation in inspections of the Social Insurance Institution.
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