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Retail sales

Retails sales involve regular and direct contact with customers. This form of cooperation is also important for Jóźwicki & Partners, as we favour personal meetings and long-standing relationships in order to learn about specific needs of your business. When conducting sales transactions, a company is obliged to control the turnover amount with retail customers. Tax regulations determine a limit which, when exceeded, entails the obligation to use a cash register. Due to cooperation with Jóźwicki & Partners, you will gain the permanent control of and real influence on your business.

For Customers of this industry, Jóźwicki & Partners provides the following specialized services:

  • settlements of non-receipt sales,
  • settlements of male orders,
  • checking the turnover limit for the cash register,
  • control of the turnover exempt from VAT,
  • settlements of foreign transactions,
  • settlements of the simplified procedure with respect to the import of goods,
  • supervision of the correctness of inventory settlements,
  • applying for VAT refunds on foreign invoices,
  • participation in inspections of the Tax Office,
  • participation in inspections of the Social Insurance Institution.
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