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Forwarding companies

Due to regular contact with forwarders, we know what challenges this industry faces. For example, in recent years, regulations on the minimum wage of drivers have become stricter in Western Europe. Jóźwicki & Partners responds to the conditions in the forwarding industry on an ongoing basis and understands how to cooperate with companies operating in foreign markets.

For Customers of this industry, Jóźwicki & Partners provides the following specialized services:

  • settlements according to the cash method,
  • estimates of costs and revenues for open orders,
  • settlements of factoring liabilities and receivables,
  • preparation of reports for insurance risk assessment,
  • settlements of transport claims,
  • making payments,
  • bookkeeping using e.g. the Customer’s systems,
  • applying for VAT refunds on foreign invoices,
  • participation in inspections of the Tax Office,
  • participation in inspections of the Social Insurance Institution.
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